Can I submit more than one abstract with my paid registration?
Yes, but as co-author (i.e., not the presenter). There is only one abstract per presenter allowed. So if you submit one poster abstract as the presenter, that will be the abstract covered by your registration. If you submit additional abstracts as co-author, the presenters of those abstracts will need to register.

Can I present my work as an oral presentation?
All oral presentations are by invitation only. The Scientific Committee will determine which abstracts requesting oral presentation will have spots in selected symposia.

What is the official language of IMC11?
The official language is English. No other languages will be permitted. There will be no translations during the presentations.

Can postdocs register as students?
No, postdoctoral researchers are treated as the full professionals they are and must register as regular delegates.

How do I get a student discount?
Student discounts are available upon registration, but you will need to submit a student certification. Your registration will be cancelled if you do not provide evidence of student status.

How do I get a Developing Country discount?
To register under this category, you need to request a special code. The organizing committee will evaluate your request that includes a valid justification and we will provide the code by email shortly. Please write to the official email address imc11.contact@gmail.com.

Are there options for student housing?
Unfortunately, we do not have special student housing options. Please consider looking for roommates to share cost of lodging. Our selected hotels have special discounts for IMC11 and can accommodate several persons per room. In addition, most IMC11-contracted hotels are within walking distance and/or will have shuttle services to the Convention Center. Non-contract lodging will be further and cost of taxi transportation would be expensive, and slow depending on the time of day.

Do I need to purchase lunches?
No. Lunches are optional, but the organizing committee highly recommends them. The lunch is all-you-can-eat buffet-style with many international selections making service rapid, and suitable for all diets. IMC11 is subsidizing these lunches, hence the cost is lower than alternate options. In addition, the Convention Center surroundings have limited options within walking distance and will make it difficult to have lunch and return in time for sessions.

Can I purchase tickets for banquet, lunches, and others at the venue?
Yes, there will be tickets at the venue for sale, but lunch tickets may be limited.

Can I purchase tickets for fieldtrips and workshop at the venue?
Yes. But we cannot guarantee that there will be space available at the time of the Congress for all your choices. So please consider making your purchase in advance. You can register early, then add field trip and workshop registration at a later date up to two weeks before the beginning of IMC11.

Do I need to select all my choices at registration to get the early bird discount?
No. You can register for IMC11 and then add tickets later after you have made all your arrangements. Prices for tickets will not change after the early registration closes. The registration website will close 2 weeks before IMC11, but tickets, if still available, will be sold on-site at IMC11 registration desks.

How do I obtain an official letter of invitation?
Letters of invitation are provided upon request. Please write to the official email address imc11.contact@gmail.com requesting a letter and specify for what it is. We provide a regular invitation letter, and if requested, a VISA support letter. Your invitation and VISA support letter requests must include the following details:

  1. Participant’s Full Name
  2. Department of the Organization
  3. Name of the Organization (University, Company, etc.)
  4. Address of the Organization
  5. Telephone Number
  6. Abstract ID (if you have submitted one)
  7. Presentation title and if available, date
  8. Symposium title (if applicable)
  9. Passport issued by (country), if requesting a VISA application support letter.

Do I need to submit a support letter with my application for a USA VISA?
Not usually, but it depends on the country that issued your passport and the country in which you are residing, and sometimes the countries you have previously visited that are listed in your passport. Also, in some countries, there is a long delay in obtaining an interview (check the USA embassy or consulate nearest you to determine what the wait period is). Most delegates should not have a problem in obtaining a B1 or B2 tourist VISA, but if you believe there might be problems with your application or a long delay in scheduling an interview at the US embassy in the country where you reside, then DO request a VISA application support letter.

What should I do if I can’t obtain a US Embassy or Consulate interview in time for IMC11?
Contact the USDA Forest Service IMC11 meeting coordinator, Dr. D. Jean Lodge for assistance from the Forest Service International Programs office (dlodge@fs.fed.us; please carbon copy: dlodgester@gmail.com).